DDA219 - Double D Electronics General Purpose 1+1 Switch Controller & Redundancy Controller

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The DDA219 is a general-purpose controller for 1+1 switching systems using coaxial or waveguide switches, and includes automatic redundancy facilities. Its compact size makes it ideal for mobile use, and other applications where space is at a premium. A wide range of switch types are supported, including IF coaxial (50Ω or 75Ω), SHF coaxial and waveguide. Input and output switches may be different types, giving support for a wide range of equipment including HPAs, up and down converters, LNAs, LNBs and modems.

An alternative switching interface provides electronic buffering and switching of RS-422 signals, including two separately buffered outputs. There is a separate connector for alarms from each protected equipment chain; there is support for two fault signals from each chain (typically alarm and fault) and there is a voltfree contact for HPA muting during switching. Buffered alarm outputs are available in most configurations.

HPA muting is generated within the controller; the HPAs are muted during switching, and if a switch is moved manually or becomes disconnected. The DDA219 includes a remote monitoring & control port supporting 4-wire RS-485 and RS-232, compatible with the larger DDA70 family as well as the DDA69/DDA78 1+1 controllers. A networked SNMP V1/V2c interface is available as an option. The front panel provides local control and status. A number of standard front panel mimics can be supplied, including a generic layout and some showing typical redundancy configurations.


Technical Details

Physical:                 19" rack, 1U high, 450mm deep (excluding connectors).

Power:                    90-254V a.c., 48-62Hz, 150VA max. Redundant power feed (dual power supplies) via two IEC mains inlets

Switching:               Support for two mechanical switches:

Option 1 - External coaxial or waveguide, 24V coils, common negative, including inputs for locks.

Option 2 - External coaxial switch, 24V coils, common positive. Option 3 - Internal latching coaxial transfer switch, 50Ω, to 18GHz.

Option 5 - Internal latching coaxial transfer switch, 50Ω, to 300MHz

Option 7 - Internal latching coaxial transfer switch, 75Ω, to 300MHz

or :               Option 8 - RS-422 changeover option (electronic switching and buffering) - max one per unit.

Option 9 - dual monitored LNB power supplies. See separate data sheet.

Chain Alarms:        9-pin D-socket; two alarm signals per chain accept volt-free contact or NPN open collector.

Volt-free changeover contact for muting.

Host Serial:            9-pin D-socket; RS-232 and 4-wire RS-422/RS-485, fixed 9600,7,e,1.

Supports "Printable ASCII" and "STX/ETX" protocols.

Summary Alarm: 9-pin D-plug; volt-free relay contact signals alarm on any detected fault.

Network:                 A 10/100BaseT network port, with web browser interface and optional SNMP (V1 and V2c) can be provided; further details on request.

Parallel Control:    Parallel interface available as an option (replaces buffered alarms)


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