Day Sequerra M4FM DSPrecision FM Analog Modulation Monitor

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  • Brand: Day Sequerra
  • Model Number: M4FM
  • Product Code: BS18819
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The DaySequerra M4FM is the world’s best analog FM monitor complete with world-wide tuning and de-emphasis settings. The M4FM measures your analog signal with digital accuracy, insuring that readings will remain stable and reliable over time. Selectable measurement integration times let you control peak reading for maximum modulation.

The M4FM includes a sensitive yet selective synthesized FM pre-selector with 20 presets so you can quickly monitor other stations off the air. A high level input with built-in attenuator lets you connect directly to a forward power RF port for greatest accuracy. RBDS Program Identification (PI) and Radio Text (RT) fields are decoded and shown on the M2A’s Vacuum Florescent Display (VFD).

The M2A’s brilliant LED meters can be read from across the room. The upper meters measure stereo, L+R, L-R and incidental AM noise. The lower meter measures positive and negative carrier deviation, as well as pilot and SCA injection levels. 57kHz RBDS subcarriers can be accurately read to a minimum level of 2.6 percent. An Composite output lets you connect external SCA demodulators.

Technical Details
  • Brilliant, accurate bargraph metering of analog programming
  • Multi-function vacuum florescent display (VFD) shows decoded RBDS
  • Precision metering of FM Pilot and SCA injection levels
  • Composite output lets you connect external SCA demodulators
  • Six dry contact alarm relay outputs for loss of audio program, carrier, pilot and RBDS as well as audio peak, all with flexible settings for level and duration
  • HD Radio Ready TM architecture provides factory upgrade path

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