DataVideo ITC-100 Intercom System

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  • Brand: Datavideo
  • Model Number: ITC-100
  • Product Code: BS18314
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The ITC-100 Intercom System is a 19” Rack Mount 8 Channel Intercom / Talkback System. It incorporates tally indicators for each channel and individual channel call buttons. The ALL button enables the feature that allows the director to communicate with all channels.

DataVideo ITC-100 is designed for communication purpose in a live mixing environment and allows easy bi-directional communication between the director and other members of the crew.

It is a perfect communication system for Datavideo SE-500, SE-500HD, SE-650, SE-700, SE-2200 and SE-2850 video mixers.


Technical Details

-Combined XLR and 1/4' (6.3 mm) microphone input

-Dynamic / Condenser microphone selection switch
-1/4' (6.3mm) Jack for Headphones without microphone
-3.5mm Jack for Headset with microphone

-Speaker with volume control knob

-Channel buttons 1 – 8 for communicating with individual channels.

-ALL button to activate communication with all channels.

-Base Unit MUTE button


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