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DataPath provides military, government, and commercial customers in remote, austere, or at-risk situations with over 25 years of specialised communications and cyber security expertise.

What distinguishes DataPath is the commitment of its employees, who make the customer's mission their purpose and always do the right thing. 'The DataPath Difference,' as they like to call it.

Brand: DATAPATH Model: dL8
The Datapath dL8 is an eight output distribution amplifier for ultra-high resolution Dual Link DVI signals providing a programmable, flexible and low cost solution for any video wall display. When used in conjunction with up to 8 Datapath x4 stand alone display wall controllers, the Datapath dL8 s..
Brand: DATAPATH Model: X4
The Datapath x4 is a stand-alone display wall controller. With the capacity to run a single source across four screens in ultra-high definition, when used with Datapath’s Wall Controller software the x4 can represent any random arrangement or configuration of the image source that is desired.A ..
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