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  • Brand: DATAPATH
  • Model Number: X4
  • Product Code: BS18811
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The Datapath x4 is a stand-alone display wall controller. With the capacity to run a single source across four screens in ultra-high definition, when used with Datapath’s Wall Controller software the x4 can represent any random arrangement or configuration of the image source that is desired.

A popular choice for advertising boards, corporate signage and live event visuals, this cost effective control system is both easy to use and simple to set up. When paired with Datapath’s dL8 eight output distribution amplifier, configurations of up to 32 output screens can be achieved.

Technical Details
  • 1 x UHD input, 4 x HD outputs (can be converted up to UHD using a dual-link DVI)
  • Easy to rotate, mirror, crop and scale individual output imagery
  • Simple bezel correction with Datapath’s Wall Controller software
  • Ability to repeat or overlap outputs
  • Creation of mixed monitor orientations including non-rectangular formations from any of the DVI inputs
  • Automatic upscaling if required

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