CTP Systems Camera Talkback Switcher custom 320

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  • Brand: CTP Systems
  • Model Number: custom 320
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CTP Systems Camera Talkback Switcher custom 320

Technical Details
  • The CT400 also takes care of programme sound distribution.
  • When the vision engineer keys to a camera his voice is added to the production talkback feed. When keyed, camera reverse talkback is diverted away from the director to the CT400 panel speaker. Engineering conversations may then take place without upsetting the director.
  • Talkback keys are press down for momentary action or up to latch.
  • Front panel stalk mic input is on 3 pin XLR with 15v phantom power.
  • All system levels may be controlled with gain of up to 12dB.
  • Level controls are provided for talkback to and from individual cameras, programme sound level, vision engineer level, reverse talkback to vision and reverse talkback to the director.
  • Red LEDs on each key indicate talk status.
  • Green LEDs on each key indicate reverse talkback from cameras, particularly useful to identify which camera's talkback has been left open.

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