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Crystal Vision

crystal vision
Brand: Crystal Vision Model: UP-DOWN-AFDS 3G
Up-Down-A 3G allows flexible up, down and cross conversions between 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources provides an output picture of exceptional quality and includes special features to allow studios to easily operate in HD and SD at the same time - with its ability to perform two different conversions si..
Brand: Crystal Vision Model: AADA416FM
The AADA416FM and AADA416FR quad amplifiers allow the flexible distribution of analogue audio in any broadcast environment. They feature four separate audio distribution amplifiers each with an electronically balanced input and four floating outputs, with the inputs and outputs configurable in fi..
Brand: Crystal Vision Model: SYNNER-E HD
It has two operational modes: synchronizer and delay line. Synchroniser mode is ideal for external sources that are not timed to station references such as satellite or remote contribution feed. In synchroniser mode SINNER-VF takes its timing from either of the two references connected via the V..
Brand: Crystal Vision Model: Indigo 2SE
Crystal Vision’s interface, keying and picture storage products are individual 100mm x 266mm modules that need to be housed in rack frames. Indigo is a state-of-the-art frames system, providing a range of 13 low-cost frames to suit all applications.PS: Price is only for the box with power supplied w..
Brand: Crystal Vision Model: Indigo 2SE
Crystal Vision offers one 2U frame –Indigo 2SE – which can be used with all the standard boards, rear modules, power supplies and control cables.Traditionally Crystal Vision’s most popular size of frame, the 2U frame has Indigo’s usual extremely high-packing density and can house up 12 boards, de..
Brand: Crystal Vision Model: VDA110M
Crystal Vision’s three analogue video distribution amplifiers from the Indigo range are ideal for providing multiple outputs of any analogue source. Use them to distribute your reference signals – either SD Black and Burst or HD tri-level syncs. Alternatively use them to distribute SD analogue compo..
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