Crystal Vision Indigo 2SE Coolflow frame with 2 PSU

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  • Brand: Crystal Vision
  • Model Number: Indigo 2SE
  • Product Code: BS18289
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Crystal Vision offers one 2U frame –Indigo 2SE – which can be used with all the standard boards, rear modules, power supplies and control cables.

Traditionally Crystal Vision’s most popular size of frame, the 2U frame has Indigo’s usual extremely high-packing density and can house up 12 boards, depending on the rear module fitted. The frame is used with the 160 Watts PSU- 160i power supply, and gives the option of a second redundant power supply.

Indigo 2SE is available as a CoolFlow frame, and has three fully redundant and easily accessible fans – one is fitted on a detachable plate in front of the power supplies while the other two are attached to the inside of the front panel. Front panel LEDs report the status of the front fans, PSU fan, upper power supply, lower power supply and frame temperature.

Technical Details
  • Depth : 16.73 in
  • Height : 3.50 in
  • Width : 18.98 in
  • Product Weight : 8 lbs
  • Warranty (Length/Type) : 3 Years
  • Maximum Load Capacity : 16.31 lbs
  • Rack Units (Height) : 2
  • Operating Temperature (Maximum) : 104 F
  • Operating Temperature (Minimum) : 32 F
  • AC Voltage (Minimum) : 90 Volts
  • AC Voltage (Maximum) : 264 Volts
  •  Warranty - Yes

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