Crystal Vision Indigo 2SE Coolflow frame with 2 PSU

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  • Brand: Crystal Vision
  • Model Number: Indigo 2SE
  • Product Code: BS18040
  • Quantity in stock: 1
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Crystal Vision’s interface, keying and picture storage products are individual 100mm x 266mm modules that need to be housed in rack frames. Indigo is a state-of-the-art frames system, providing a range of 13 low-cost frames to suit all applications.

PS: Price is only for the box with power supplied without the cards

Technical Details

The Indigo frames combine stylish looks with effortlessly easy access and maintenance. Everything about the frame has been devised to make daily operation easy.

The front panel is attached to the frame by a carefully designed hinge, making it very easy to open and close. This has particular benefit for the frames with active front panels as it allows the panel to face forwards and be operated in the open position. Maintenance is easy too: boards, power supplies and fans can all be easily removed while the unit is still powered. Crystal Vision frame location cards are available for the 2U and 4U frames and can be attached to the outside of the front panel to help engineers identify which boards are inside the frame without opening it.

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