Crystal Vision AADA416FM analogue audio distribution amplifier with remote control 2x16

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  • Brand: Crystal Vision
  • Model Number: AADA416FM
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The AADA416FM and AADA416FR quad amplifiers allow the flexible distribution of analogue audio in any broadcast environment. They feature four separate audio distribution amplifiers each with an electronically balanced input and four floating outputs, with the inputs and outputs configurable in five different ways to meet your exact requirements. They will also save you rack space, with these 100mm x 266mm modules providing up to 48 DAs in a single 2U frame, making them excellent value per channel.

The AADAs allow a truly versatile configuration of inputs and outputs. The most commonly used combinations are configuring the board as a quad amplifier (four mono – or two stereo – inputs and four outputs of each), dual amplifier (two mono – or one stereo – inputs and eight outputs of each) or single amplifier (one mono input and 16 outputs). It is also possible to have a mixture of outputs, and configure the boards as either a mixed triple amplifier or mixed dual amplifier.

Technical Details


Standard Crystal Vision modules 266mm x 100mm

Weight: 175g

Power consumption: 12 Watts


Four mono, electronically balanced High impedance input (>20 kohm) Maximum level: +28dBu

Factory set default: +24dBu; 0dBFS

= +18dBu or +24dBu by on board link


16 (four per channel), electronically balanced, using RM17 frame rear module

Inputs and outputs are flexible and can be configured in five different ways

It is also possible to use unbalanced audio

Low impedance outputs: 66 ohm Maximum level: +25dBu

Factory set default: 0dBFS =


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