Crestron USB-EXT-DM-REMOTE USB over Ethernet Extender with Routing 4-Port Device Module NEW

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The Crestron USB Extender System (USB-EXT-DM) provides the ability to connect USB peripherals at multiple locations throughout a home, business, or educational facility and route them to one or more different computers (or other hosts) anywhere in the building. The USB signals are transported over the local Ethernet network and managed through a DigitalMedia™ system, delivering seamless routing of USB alongside video and audio signals. So, from any room with a video display, you can switch between several different computers, media servers, and game consoles anywhere in the building and control each one using your mouse and keyboard, game controller, or electronic whiteboard.

The USB-EXT-DM provides compatibility with virtually any USB 1.1 or 2.0 device, including smartphones, tablets, media players, cameras, printers, flash drives, hard drives, hubs, and more.[1] So, in addition to controlling a computer located in another room or hidden away in an equipment cabinet, you can also sync your smartphone, upload photos, and share music and video files with that computer.

The USB-EXT-DM expands on a DigitalMedia system’s built-in USB HID routing capabilities, adding USB connectivity (device or host) to any DM® transmitter, receiver, or switcher without requiring any additional wiring. Installation is as simple as connecting a USB Extender Module to the LAN port of a DM transmitter or receiver, or to a port on the local area network.[2] Two types of modules are available:

• USB-EXT-DM-REMOTE – Provides “remote” connectivity for up to four USB devices (keyboards, whiteboards, mobile devices, etc.) at one location

• USB-EXT-DM-LOCAL – Provides “local” connectivity for a single USB host (computer, media server, codec, etc.)

USB Extender Modules are sold individually to accommodate any system configuration. A complete system requires at least one REMOTE and one LOCAL module.

The USB-EXT-DM can also be used without a DigitalMedia system to provide point-to-point USB signal extension over an Ethernet LAN or a dedicated CAT5e wire.[3]


Technical Details

>USB signal extension for any USB 1.1 or

2.0 device[1]

>Expands USB routing capabilities of a DigitalMedia™ system without any additional wiring

>Adds USB host or device ports to any DM® transmitter, receiver, or switcher

>Transports USB over Ethernet or CAT5e at speeds up to 480 Mbps[2,3]

>Delivers reliable, high-speed USB extension with or without a DigitalMedia system

>“Remote” and “Local” USB Extender Modules sold individually for maximum flexibility


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