COMTEK BST-25 Synthesized Base Station Transmitter

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The BST-25 / 216 MHz is a professional quality, low power, auxiliary base station transmitter designed to operate in the newly assigned 216-217 MHz band under part 95 of the FCC regulations. This transmitter may be used for personal cueing, for tour guide applications, language interpretation, and for assistive listening.

For highest fidelity operation, the PR-216 receiver must be used with the wide-band companded channels. The BST-25 / 216 MHz also operates with the Phonak microEar VHF in-ear receiver in the narrow-band non-companded channels. The BST-25 / 216 MHz transmitter incorporates the latest digital and analog technologies to produce low residual noise, wide dynamic range, and extended frequency response rendering the most natural sound possible from a wireless system.

Technical Details
  • DISPLAY SWITCH: This switch disables the digital display to conserve current when used with a battery.
  • TONE SWITCH: Enables/disables the internal 400 Hz test tone.
  • TUNING SWITCH: Selects the frequency on which the transmitter will operate.
  • LOCK OUT INDICATOR: Illuminates when the “TUNING” switch is disabled by setting the “LOCK OUT” switch (rear panel) to “ON
  • DIGITAL FREQUENCY DISPLAY: Displays the frequency on which the transmitter is operating.
  • ANTENNA INDICATOR: Flashes when the transmitter senses a deficient antenna condition.
  • VU METER: Displays the level of audio being transmitted. Used to adjust the “LEVEL” (rear panel) control.
  • DIGITAL CHANNEL DISPLAY: Displays the channel on which the transmitter is operating.
  • POWER SWITCH: Turns the transmitter on or off.

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