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The COMO DV-1394 Pro SDI represents the third Generation of the DV to Analog Video Converter from the COMO Compu- ter & Motion GmbH. Five Years after introducing the COMO DV Box, the DV- 1394 Pro SDI is the most advanced bidirectional Converter and fulfills the needs of the professional and industrial Users. Besides the DV to Analog Video Conversion, the COMO DV 1394 Pro SDI comes also with SDI and AES/EBU In- and Outputs, so you can also convert Analog Video and DV to SDI and vice versa. All Outputs are working parallel, so you can connect a betacam tape COMO DV-1394 Pro SDI Every Signal In - Every Signal out! Control Monitor directly to your DV Camcorder or Player. For the ease of use, we have two Firewire machine, a DVC VTR and one Video Connectors at the DV- 1394 Pro SDI, one at the front and one at the rear side. For Broadcast and Studio Environment we have also integrated a Genlock Interface, so that the DV-1394 Pro SDI can be synchronized to a Studio Reference Signal.For easy integrati- on in the Studio environment the COMO DV-1394 Pro SDI comes in a 1 U 19” rackmount case.

Every Input and Every Output for Every System:

Convert the Firewire Signal from your Apple or PC nonlinear editing suite to any Video Tape Machine. The COMO DV-1394 Pro SDI is the ideal add on for systems like AVID DV Xpress, Pinnacle Purple and Silver, Apple Final Cut or Adobe Premiere. Copy your footage from any source via the COMO DV-1394 Pro SDI to your Laptop with Firewire Interface, do your editing where ever you like and copy the final edited video back to any Tape Format you or your customer needs. But of course you can use the COMO DV-1394 Pro SDI also for Desktop Editing Systems like the Matrox RT.X or Canopus Storm having only limited analog video I/O capabilities. Convert old footage from your Betacam Stock to the new digital formats like DVC Pro, DV CAM and SDI.
Technical Details
  • DV/DV CAM/DVC PRO 25 on IEEE-1394 6 Pin Interface
  • SDI (270 Mbit/s) SMPTE 259M/CCIR656-III, BNC
  • Analog Component Signal: Y 1,0 Vpp, B-Y/ R-Y 0,7 Vpp, 75 Ohm, SMPTE/EBU, BNC - S-Video Signal: Y 1,0 Vpp, C 0,43 Vpp, 75 Ohm, 4 Pin Mini-DIN
  • CVBS Signal: 1,0 Vpp, 75 Ohm, BNC
  • Ref. Videosignal: Blackburst 0,3 Vpp, 75 Ohm, BNC

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