COLES 4104 MICROPHONE Sports Commentator's Lip Ribbon

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COLES 4104 MICROPHONE Sports Commentator's Lip Ribbon

The Coles 4104 microphone is a specialized ribbon microphone that is designed for sports commentary and broadcasting. It is often referred to as the "Sports Commentator's Lip Ribbon" due to its unique form factor.

The microphone features a long, narrow shape that is intended to be held close to the commentator's mouth, allowing for clear and direct audio capture. It utilizes a bi-directional (figure-of-eight) polar pattern, which means it captures sound equally from the front and back of the microphone while rejecting sound from the sides. This helps to minimize background noise and ensure clear audio capture.


Technical Details
  • Microphone Type: Pressure gradient transducer ribbon micro[1]phone.
  • Ribbon: Corrugated aluminium ribbon protected by fine woven nylon Gauze.
  • Polar response: Bi-directional
  • Impedance: 300-ohm
  • Frequency response: 60 Hz to 12,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: -50db W.R.T. IV/Pa
  • Distortion: <1% THD at 120db SPL n Connector: XLR-pin 2 hot n Dimensions: 8”(200 mm) x 2 1/4”(57 mm) x3”(76 mm) n Weight: 10 oz. (283g) n Finish: Body brown enamel paint with brown pvc covered handle. n Body housing: Brass perforated case with stainless steel nose and mouth screens, pvc covered handle designed to provide a natural holding position for long periods. n Hum rejection: Equivalent electro-magnetic hum pickup >0.0002 dynes/cm2 equivalent acoustic input for 1 milligauss at 50 Hz
  • Packaging: Each microphone comes in a foam lined rigid plastic carrying case

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