CODAN PV Series interface modules. 3 RU frame, dual redundant 110 V or 240 V 200 W PSUs

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  • Brand: CODAN Broadcast
  • Model Number: PV-10
  • Product Code: BS16969
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The PV-10 modular interface frame features dual redundant switch mode power supplies and can accommodate up to 10 PV Series interface modules. The frame is 100% compatible with all Codan Broadcast PV Series interface modules and features active cooling via three low-noise cooling fans in the front panel.


The PV-10-S features a single switch mode power supply and can accommodate up to 10 PV Series interface modules. A second switch mode power supply can be added later if required with no down time.


Technical Details

Active cooling with thermostatic control

Power supply status indication via the front panel heartbeat

Individual internal power supply status LEDs

High-efficiency 200 Watt switch mode power supply (PV-PSU250) with cooling fan control and power fail status outputs

Hot-swappable interface modules

Structurally rigid frames

Simple interface module installation

Backward compatibility with all N series modules

Mix of any HD, SDI, AES, analogue video and audio interface modules

EMC compliant

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