CODAN Broadcast Balanced stereo audio distribution amplifier

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  • Model Number: SDA-106N-PHX
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SDA-106N-PHX series is a low noise, high performance operational amplifier that ensures broadcast quality over a wide range of signal levels and output loading. It is a high performance, fully featured distribution amplifier at a very competitive price.

The SDA-106N-PHX has six stereo balanced outputs. On-card links enable selection of mono or stereo operation. There are 12 balanced outputs in the mono mode. Excellent output isolation between each group of outputs has been achieved by using multiple high quality operational amplifiers.

Individual front panel gain controls enable each channel’s gain to be increased or decreased by 6 dB. These controls are multiturn pots, ensuring accurate and stable gain adjustment. In addition each channel has five link selectable gain steps enabling the SDA-106N-PHX to accept input levels from –66 dBu to +38 dBu. Front panel balanced stereo outputs enable convenient monitoring via industry standard 6.5 mm stereo sockets. 

Technical Details

Technical Specifications

2 x stereo balanced >25 kΩ bridging or optional 600 Ω terminating Phoenix 3-way screw terminal connectors

>84 dB at 50 Hz, >82 dB at 20 kHz

+24 dBu

Source Impedance

45 Ω


Frequency Response ±0.1 dB

20 Hz to 20 kHz


>103 dB @ +8 dBu, 20 Hz to 20 kHz

Intermodule Crosstalk

>100 dB to 20 kHz

Interchannel Crosstalk

>90 dB to 20 kHz

Intermodulation Distortion

0.004% (SMPTE IMD60)

Power CH1 Clip CH2 Clip

CH1 Gain CH2 Gain

CH1 Out CH2 Out

SDAGain Range (Overall)

–14 dB to +66 dB link selectable

SDA-106N-PHX Front and Rear

PV Series Interface Catalogue


+ G1

Gain Range (Steps)

Five steps ranging –8, 0, +8, +16 and +60 dB


+5 +– GG –+


G+ G–+

4CH2 G5 O/PS + 32


Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Gain Range Front Panel

±6 dB trim range



Front PCB LED confirms power is present to the module

Peak Level Clip Indicator

Front PCB peak LEDs for each channel illuminate when output levels of +18 dBu are exceeded 

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