Clear-Com WTR-680 Wireless Mic

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  • Brand: Clear-Com
  • Model Number: WTR-680
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The Clear-Com WBS-680 UHF Synthesized Wireless inter- com systems offer the ultimate in reliable, high-performance, high-fidelity full-duplex communications.

The WBS-680 system includes the WBS-680 frequency agile base station, working with up to four WTR-680 or WTR-682 frequency agile beltpacks. The WBS-680 base station pro- vides full-duplex communications with the belt packs.

The BTR system incorporates two audio channel operation, permitting the belt pack operator to choose between two sepa- rate audio channels of communications, with the base station tracking the belt pack selection. This allows the user the flexi- bility to create a party-line and a private line within the same belt pack.

Technical Details
  • Fre quency-agile base sta tion and beltpacks. No ex ternal com puter/de vice re quired to se lect fre quen cies.
  • Backlit base-station LCD al lows the user to eas ily mon i - tor the beltpack’s sta tus as well as change base-station fre - quen cies.
  • ClearScan™ func tion on base station and beltpack to au - to mat i cally find the best chan nels on which to op er ate.
  • Full-duplex (si mul ta neous talk and lis ten) op er a tion.
  • Com pat i ble with Clear-Com, Audiocom® (Telex), RTS TW, MATRIX PLUS®, and other wired in tercom types.
  • Two chan nels of in tercom au dio.

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