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Drake 4000 series pico ii 36 ports matrix Main frame 1RU

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Drake 4000 series pico ii 36 ports matrix Main frame 1RU
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  • Model: PICO II

Drake 4000 series pico ii 36 ports matrix Main frame 1RU

The 4000 Series II Pico is a 32 port, (optionally expandible to 36 ports), 1RU compact matrix using a microprocessor controlled digital audio switcher for routing calls and audio between outstations connected in a star format. A front-mounted control service and display provide the user with matrix configuration tools and the ability to select from 6 internal Maps without the use of a PC.

The PiCo digital audio switching matrix uses a microprocessor for control and configuration purposes. A digital router section, allowing multiple routes to be made simultaneously, provides all switching, level control and routing. Analogue audio, GPI inputs and outputs, data interfaces and connections to CMAPSi configuration software package, (optional), are also provided as part the PiCo system. An optional 4 port beltpack audio expansion card is available for ring circuits or audio trunk lines.

The full range of 4000 series II control panels is available providing a suitable user interface for making and receiving calls over the system. These panels have push buttons configured to operate specific audio routes and/or activate GPI control functions. Several callers can speak to the same destination at the same time due to the mixing capability of the matrix.

The key actions are sent as data using a serial link over Category 5 cable to the central matrix for interpretation by the microprocessor and information is returned to the control panel by the same method. Analogue audio is also sent and received via the same standard CAT5 cable, allowing easy connection to patch-fields for over-plugging or monitoring.

The crosspoints in the PiCo matrix are activated or de-activated according to configuration rules held in the system's current Map, (stored in the microprocessor's memory). The PiCo can store 6 Maps in its memory for quick selection via the front user controls. Other system Maps can be downloaded into the Matrix from a PC with the 'Configuration and Master Assignment Programming System - integrated' configuration software, (CMAPSi) and controls every aspect of 4000 PiCo series operation including a comprehensive diagnostic facility, ADM, (optional). The Matrix sends part of the system map out to each control panel, programming the actions available on each DAK of each panel.

PiCo matrix destinations and sources can be other panels, beltpacks, 2-wire, (via suitable interfaces), or 4-wire circuits, either individually or in groups. The destinations and sources could also be in another remote talkback system. Connection to other 3000 or 4000 Series matrix systems is either achieved by use of Ethernet, (optional), or through the Drake VeNiX ISDN system, providing an integrated private intercom network.


Technical Details


482mm (19 inches) wide 43.6mm (1.72 inches) high 485mm (19.5 inches) deep


5.3 Kg

Power requirements:

110v to 250v, 50/60Hz, 60W max.

Frequency response:

20Hz to 22KHz 0.5dB

Crosstalk (adjacent channel):

< -80dBu @ 20KHz

Nominal level:


Matrix headroom:



< 0.03% @ 0dBu @ 1KHz

Off noise:

73dBu @ 20Hz to 22KHz

On noise:

71dBu @ 20Hz to 22KHz

Input impedance:

> 10K

Input balance:


Output impedance:

200 @ 20Hz

Output balance:

< -30dBu



AC power inputs/outputs:

2 x IEC AC inputs (500mA)