Drake PD4215 16 Key Control Panel 1RU with PSU

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  • Brand: Clear-Com
  • Model Number: PD4215RBLD
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Drake PD4215 16 Key Control Panel 1RU with PSU


The PD4215 - 16 Key Control Panel Level Control Panel has the following features:


16 centrally programmed pushbuttons, including reply

Programmable pushbuttons for talk, listen, talk & listen, talk & forced listen and dual talk & listen functions

Connection for 20 Key Extension and Level Control Panels including power

Separate audio signals to Main and Aux level controls

DC powered

Audio and control interface options card including GPI's

Full signalisation of send and receive routes

Plug-in microphone or headset operation

Microphone gain, headset gain and side-tone are software configurable

Headset connector with pushbutton select


The  clear-com Drake PD4215 Control Panels comprise of a range of 1RU and 2RU by 19 inch rack mount units.

The standard connection of these panels is via CAT5 (RJ45) cabling to connect analogue audio and RS422 data from the Control Panel to the PDE4628 Serial Communications RCU located in the Matrix.


Other connection methods are possible using twisted pair cable or a bi-directional digital link using 75ohm coaxial cable. This connects to the PDE4617 and PDE4616 Panel Communications RCUs respectively, located in the Matrix.


There are also Extension Panels that are used to increase the number of buttons per panel or to add level control facilities. These Extension Panels connect to the main Control Panel via screened ribbon cable. A Custom Panel Interface is also available to remotely connect keys and displays from the main Control Panel, so that a custom panel can be made to fit various size and shape constraints.

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