Clear-Com HXII-BP-X5 HelixNet Digital Intercom 2 Channel Full Duplex Beltpack with 5 Pin Female XLR Connector

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  • Brand: Clear-Com
  • Model Number: HXII-BP-X5
  • Product Code: BS20202
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The Clear-Com HXII-BP-X5 HelixNet Digital Intercom Beltpack is a professional-grade intercom device designed for use in broadcast and production applications. The beltpack features two channels of full-duplex communication, allowing users to communicate with other intercom devices and control their communication settings. Clear-Com HXII-BP-X5 is the best 

Technical Details
  • Beltpack
  •  Easy to use front panel with OLED display & backlit keys
  •  2 Keysets assignable to channels
  •  Stacked keys allow unique combination of channels
  •  Independent Program Audio control
  •  USB call signal flasher
  •  Binaural controls on HXII-BP-X5
  •  Connectivity
  •  Ethernet Network port with PoE*
  •  Powerline via XLR cable to HMS-4X**/***
  •  Mechanical
  •  Rugged, lightweight polycarbonate enclosure
  •  IP53 environmental rating
  •  HelixNet System
  •  Wired Partyline – Networked
  •  Hosted by Arcadia or HMS-4X***
  • Up to 24 Channels – Licensed
  • Up to 64 HelixNet Endpoints
  • Program Audio user level control

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