Clear-Com HME DX210 Wireless Intercom System

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Clear-Com HME DX210 Wireless Intercom System

Clear-Com HME DX210 Wireless Intercom System is a two-channel system that delivers a perfect blend in performance, connectivity with wired systems, and ease of use. The two separate 2-wire and 4-wire connections make it highly compatible with any industry-standard 2-wire intercom systems or 4-wire intercom/audio devices.

Each BS210 base station can support up to four full-duplex beltpacks and/ or WH220 all-in-one wireless head- sets for talk and listen capabilities or 11 half-duplex beltpacks for listen-only purposes. By linking four base stations together, up to 16 full-duplex or 44 half-duplex beltpack users can be in communication.

Technical Details

Wireless ISO talk-around

• Digital auto nulling (front panel access)

• Two separate 2-wire/4-wire connections

• Triple diversity — space, time and frequency — supporting extreme multi-path environments

• Spectrum-friendly technology

• Relay (GPIO) actuation with ISO function

• Feedback protection for un-terminated 2-wire channels

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