Clear-Com HME DX200 Wireless Intercom System

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  • Model Number: HME DX200
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Clear-Com HME DX200 Wireless Intercom System provides private, secure communication. Each base station can register up to fifteen BP200 Beltpacs and/or WH220 All-in-one Wireless Headsets. Any combination of Beltpacs and/or WH220 Headsets can be registered. Four of the fifteen can transmit simultaneously. However, by connecting two or more base stations together, these numbers can be increased. For example, two base stations can support thirty Beltpacs/ Headsets, of which eight can transmit simultaneously. Beltpacs or Headsets may be used either in the push-to- talk or hands-free mode. The base station operator can stop all Beltpacs/Headsets from transmitting.

The DX200 can be used with RTS and Clear-Com and 4-wire cabled intercoms may be operated simultaneously. Also, using the AUX In and AUX Out connections, a second 4-wire intercom channel may be used. A local headset can be used with the DX200. Using a local headset, the base station operator can talk to crew members on the cabled intercom channel, Beltpacs/Headsets only, or all channels. The BS200 Base Station can be operated using standard DC electricity or a vehicle electrical system for mobile operation. A power supply and cable are included with the base station.

Technical Details
  • Headset cable connector
  • Beltpac power and transmit lights
  • ISO (Isolate) button
  • IC (Intercom) button
  • PWR (Power) button

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