Clear-Com freespeak 10 wireless mainframe for beltpacks

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Clear-Com freespeak 10 wireless mainframe for beltpacks

FreeSpeak II digital wireless beltpack system. With a FreeSpeak II (FS II) wireless beltpack you can roam freely around a studio or production facility while talking and listening to all, or selected, members of the production team. With its four communication routes, the beltpack gives you the flexibility to communicate quickly and seamlessly with individuals or groups, and to change communication routes as often as needed.

The system operates in the unlicensed 1.90 GHz band. With its unique and innovative digital technology, which continually searches for unused radio frequency (RF) channels, FS II avoids the noise and interference issues associated with traditional wireless systems using congested UHF and VHF bands.

Technical Details

Headset connector:

The 4-pin male XLR-type headset socket connects to Clear-Com headsets and other headsets with 4-pin female connectors. This headset connector is for the on-board two-channel intercom, with controls just to the right of the connector.

Headset channel A talk control/listen control:

The channel A talk switch and associated light, and listen level encoder, allow full-duplex conversations with any FS II wireless beltpacks or other communications systems wired to the rear of the Base station to which the on- board Channel A has been assigned. Assignments are done via the front-panel programming.

The talk switch is momentary/latching, such that pressing it and holding down will create a talk path that ends when the user releases the switch, while quickly tapping it will latch the talk, and a second tap will release it. The LED lights red when a talk is active.

Turning the listen level encoder clockwise will allow the user to hear the other party’s voice, increasing the level to maximum when fully clockwise.

A/B reply button:

Pressing this button will reply to the last caller to call A or B.

Headset channel B talk control/listen control

The channel B talk switch and associated light, and listen level encoder, function the same as the controls for Channel A.

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