Clear-Com cell-base cellcom base station wireless intercom CellCom 10

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Clear-Com cell-base cellcom base station wireless intercom CellCom 10

CellCom 10 uniquely blends digital matrix technology with a locally distributed wireless “network”—operating license-free in the 1.9 GHz frequency band using DECT technology, the international standard accepted by more than 100 countries. To this capability the system adds broad connectivity to party-line and digital matrix intercom systems. With CellCom 10, beltpack-to-beltpack and small-group communication is finally possible within a wireless system.

CellCom 10 may be used stand-alone or connected with party-line and/or digital matrix intercom systems. These systems are typically used to coordinate the actions of production staff in television broadcast, live theatre and performance, event production, industrial, and government/aerospace applications.

Technical Details

CellCom 10 brings the power of matrix communications to a wireless system, blended with the coverage flexibility of a local cellular matrix. Features of CellCom 10 include:

  • Ten wireless beltpacks in 1RU.
  • Point-to-point and small group wireless communications.
  • Up to six communications routes per beltpack.
  • Custom coverage zones with up to ten remote transceiver antennas.
  • Five-character labels for each beltpack and connector.

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