Clear-Com 4000 series 9RU chassis with (2) MPC-PDE4642B, (4) DMC-PDE3601B, (4) CODEC-PDE4631, and (2) Hique-PDE4649B 4 PSU

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Clear-Com 4000 series 9RU chassis with

2x     MPC-PDE4642B

4x     DMC-PDE3601B

4x    CODEC-PDE4631

2x    Hique-PDE4649B

4x     PSU

The Clear-Com Drake 4920 Series matrix comprises a 9U by 19 inch rack mount unit with all connections made from the rear of the frame. The Matrix power supply section comprises of plug- in PSUs, connected via two standard IEC connectors to the main supply. Access to the plug-in circuit cards is via the front of the frame, most cards having a corresponding rear connector unit fitted, accessed from the rear of the matrix.

Forced air cooling, with a 2U gap above the unit is required to maintain the unit at the correct operating temperatures. Drake recommends the use of a Fan Tray, such as the Drake PD3704. Inadequate or obstructed ventilation may result in serious damage to the system. 

The 4000 Series II is a Digital Communications System using a central switching matrix for routing calls between outstations connected in a star format.

The digital central switching matrix uses a microprocessor for control and configuration purposes. A Digital Matrix Card, allowing multiple routes to be made simultaneously achieves all switching and routing. Analogue audio, GPI inputs and outputs, data interfaces and an advanced software package are also provided as part the 4000 Series II system

Each DAK may be centrally configured and assigned to a destination, source or both at system set-up. On some panels, DAKs that are not assigned at system set-up can be assigned, by local programming of the pushbuttons in Soft mode, to allow different routing options. Local assignments may not be retained if the system is reset, although they are held in non-volatile memory at the panel and thus will be retained after power down. 

Technical Details

9RU - 4920:

482mm (19 inches) wide 400mm (9RU) high 500mm (20 inches) deep

4U - 4420:

482mm (19 inches) wide 168mm (4RU) high 485mm (19.5 inches) deep



20 to 35kg


Power Requirements:

90V to 250V, 50/60Hz, 300W max


Frequency Response:

30Hz - 17kHz ±3dB


Crosstalk (adjacent channel)


Nominal Level


Matrix headroom



< 0.1% @ +16dBu 300Hz - 10kHz

< 0.5% @ +16dBu 100Hz - 10kHz


Off Noise

<-80dBu 20Hz - 22kHz, typically

On Noise

<-62dBu 20Hz - 22kHz, typically


Analogue Inputs:

25-way D-type Balanced, line level, Transformer isolated

Input Impedance


Input Balance


Input Level (max) Input gain set @ -6dBu



Analogue Outputs:

25-way D-Type Balanced, line level, Transformer isolated


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