Cisco ROSA EM Element Management v2 System

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  • Brand: Cisco systems
  • Model Number: ROSA Element Manager
  • Product Code: BS18007
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The ROSA EM is a polling engine that actively polls all of the devices that it manages looking for problems. In the event a problem is detected, ROSA EM will send alarm notifications to the appropriate personnel via SNMP trap, Email, Pager, or SMS. ROSA EM communicates with the managed devices via proprietary protocols or contact closures, then translates this information to SNMP, which can be passed to a higher level network management system. When ROSA EM is configured to perform backup protection, it will automatically initiate pre-defined backup schemes that reroutes signals, activates, and configures standby devices, all within seconds of a device failure. ROSA EM is fully integrated on the ROSA Network Management (NMS) and ROSA Video Service Management (VSM) systems.
Technical Details
  • Cost-effective solution for management of devices in all locations (large headend to small hubs/OTN)
  • Manages Cisco IPVS Video Processing Devices and optional third-party equipment via proprietary protocol, SNMP, or contact closures
  • Translates proprietary protocols to SNMP and passes configuration/alarm information to upper level network managers
  • Highly reliable hardware and software solution (no fans or hard drive)
  • Easy to use and intuitive Web browser interface
  • Provides easy integration with multiple client options – Web browser, TNCS, ROSA NMS, Third-party NMS
  • Open standards based interfaces (SNMP, HTTP, FTP, HMS, DateTime, etc.)
  • Automatic remote backup and restore to save the entire configuration of the ROSA EM
  • Seamless integration into currently installed ROSA NMS en VSM systems
  • Dual temperature probes available as an option
  • 2 RU, 19-inch rack-mount chassis

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