Cisco Modular Encoding Platform D9036

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Cisco Modular Encoding Platform D9036 with D9036-MVC-MKI ,D9036-MVC-MKI ,D9036-MIO-MKI

CISCO D9036-MVC-MKI (74-7581-01) Modular Video Codec for D9036 Encoding Platform



Chassis Overview:

The Cisco Modular Encoding Platform D9036 chassis features dual redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and capacity for up to six modules. The chassis supports advanced, internal common synchronization mechanisms which can be used to synchronize the various services being hosted. Dedicated management and auxiliary input ports are also provided for remote Web GUI control. All modules are field-replaceable to allow for fast service with reduced down time.

Modular Video Input (MVI):

The MVI module provides an SDI input to the chassis. SDI inputs are both SDI and HD-SDI compatible. The module supports VBI and HANC extraction, and processing for ancillary services and audio de-embedding. Video and audio data are routed from the SDI inputs of the MVI module through the Cisco Modular Encoding Platform D9036 to MVC video and MMA audio modules. The module is available in two variants, providing either four or eight inputs.

Technical Details
  • 1080i and 720p support
  • HD AVC, SD AVC, MPEG-2 HD, and MPEG-2 SD video encoding
  • De-blocking and Motion Compensated Temporal Filtering (MCTF) support
  • SightPlus Advanced Filtering
  • Closed Captioning support via SMPTE-334M
  • ARIB Closed Caption, Audio Mode Control
  • SD/HD-SDI embedded audio support
  • Dual redundant, hot-swappable power supplies
  • Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, AAC/HE-AAC, and Dolby-E audio pass-through support

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