Cisco D9828 Multiple Decryption Receiver

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  • Brand: Cisco systems
  • Model Number: D9828
  • Product Code: BS18004
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The PowerVu® Multiple Decryption Receiver receives, demodulates, and decrypts multiple PowerVu encrypted MPEG-2/DVB digital programs delivered via a satellite or terrestrial interface. Decoded composite video and balanced audio outputs are provided for monitoring purposes.
Technical Details
  • Variable QPSK symbol rates from 1 to 45 Msymbols/s
  • PowerVu conditional access with DES descrambling
  • DVB-ASI transport input
  • Decrypts up to 16 video programs with other services (e.g., audio or data)
  • DVB-ASI and DHEI transport outputs
  • 4:2:0 NTSC and PAL(B/G/I/D/M/N) video decoding for monitoring purposes
  • MPEG and Dolby® Digital audio decoding for monitoring purposes
  • Two balanced audio outputs providing either one stereo pair or two mono channels
  • Line 21 on the monitor video output
  • On-screen display for easy setup
  • Front Panel LCD and pushbuttons for status monitoring
  • 64 user-editable RF preset configurations

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