Chiron Connect 200 ISDN2 Adapter

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The Connect 200 is an analog adapter for ISDN that delivers speed, quality and all the other benefits of ISDN, without having to replace existing telecommunications equipment.

The Connect 200 is used to connect any two existing analog devices (phone/fax/ modem/answer-phone/alarm system etc) to an ISDN line, hence offering the benefits of ISDN out to a much broader market place.

Technical Details
  1. Simple to install and use (designed specifically for non-technical users) – ‘plug & play’.
  2. Compatible with all other ISDN devices and with older PBXs or key systems.
  3. Two telephone lines can be used simultaneously for data and / or voice.
  4. Both analog and digital services can be distributed around the house or office with just one cable.
  6. LEDs to indicate line synchronization, D channel activity as well as full testing of both B channels via analog ports (an ideal tester).
  7. Multiple Subscriber Numbering (MSN) directs incoming calls to any one of ten different devices.
  9. Analogue Caller Display (CLID)
  10. Auto-dial and auto-answer from specific calling number can also be enabled if required for ‘Virtual Leased Line’ applications.
  12. Special Line Failure Detect and Line Snatch features for security alarm applications.

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