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Canare FP-C4F F Connector for L-4CFB V-4CFB & Belden 1505A or 8241F

Canare - FP-C4F
Canare - FP-C4F
Canare - FP-C4F
Canare - FP-C4F
Canare FP-C4F F Connector for L-4CFB V-4CFB & Belden 1505A or 8241F
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  • Code: CB5554401
  • Model: FP-C4F

Most Canare FP-C4F F Connector on the market utilize a coaxial cable’s solid inner conductor as the plug’s center contact pin. This design can cause near and long term problems from center conductor nicks, bending, dielectric migration, metal fatigue and contact corrosion. Furthermore, this type of commonly installed F connector may also produce signal degradation, outages, poor picture quality, RF leakage prob- lems and most importantly... an expensive service call.

To meet the growing demands of advanced Digital Broadband equipment, Canare has developed the world’s first precision, highly reliable 75Ω F Connector. Electromechanical stable (nickel over brass body, high quality tapped threads, extra wide torque nut, gold crimp pin, extra long crimp sleeve), our FP-C is quick to install using the same Canare strip & crimp tools as our standard 75Ω BNC and RCA plugs.

Canare true 75Ω F Connectors are impedance matched with excellent Return Loss characteristics and can easily handle future “Smart House” RF broadband multime- dia networks to 1 GHz and beyond. Will mate with SCTE approved standard F receptacles.

Technical Details


  • ≥26dB Return Loss DC–2GHz (≤1.1 VSWR)
  • Crimp Pin & Sleeve Design
  • Use with Solid or Stranded Center 75Ω Coax
  • Center Pin Snap Locks into Connector
  • Superior cable pull strength