Canare 32MD-ST Mid-size HD-SDI Patchbay 3G HD With MDVJ-STW modules

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Canare 32MD-ST Mid-size HD-SDI Patchbay3G HD With MDVJ-STW modules

Canare 32MD-ST Mid-size HD-SDI Patchbay 2 x 32 Normal Through is 3G HD Sdi is used to quickly change the path of select signals without the need for dedicated switching equipment. It comes loaded with 32 MDVJ-STW 75 ohm dual video jacks and is compatible with 3G HD-SDI, Serial Digital Video, and NTSC Analog. With a frequency ranging from DC to 3.0 GHz and a return loss greater than 10 dB, the Mid-size HDTV Patchbay is ideal for use in OB vans and for HDTV upgrades. In addition to Canare's rotary switch, this lightweight alloy patchbay also comes with beryllium copper and gold-plated center contacts. Housed in a 1RU, this patchbay can be easily maintained through a standard or Canare Slim BNC crimp plug.

This patch bay comes with beryllium copper and gold-plated centre contacts, housed in a 1RU and incorporating Canare’s proprietary rotary switch. The staggered rear BNC connectors accept industry-standard BNC HD cable plugs. The panel is easily maintained with standard or Canare's Slim BNC crimp plug.



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