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BW Broadcast - RBRX1
BW Broadcast - RBRX1
BW Broadcast - RBRX1
BW Broadcast - RBRX1
BW Broadcast - RBRX1
BW Broadcast - RBRX1
BW Broadcast - RBRX1
BW Broadcast - RBRX1
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  • Model: RBRX1

The BW Broadcast RBRX1 is unique, totally unique. Not until now has there been an analog FM receiver that works as you wanted it to.

Using digital signal processing technology the RBRX1 is able to receive signals clearer than you ever thought possible. With its low distortion, great stereo separation, excellent signal handling and signal processing of the weakest signals the RBRX1 is the market leading number one choice for FM reception.

The RBRX1 employs an image cancelling high dynamic range front end mixing system for on channel to IF conversion. Together with the digital signal processed steep IF band filtering the RBRX1 achieves excellent adjacent channel filtering, making it ideal for reception of distant FM signals when located on a transmitter site.

The digital demodulator of the RBRX1 is ultimately configurable - providing the user with a degree of flexibility unheard of in FM reception products. RF and audio bandwidths are at the users control and with the adaptive control settings the receiver can be left to adjust itself as necessary, keeping out the noise from your audio while keeping to the limits that you have set. For the first time ever you are able to control the behaviour of the radio - you are now the designer of your own product’s performance.

The RBRX1 Re-BROADCAST RECEIVER has professional level balanced XLR connections for the analog and AES/EBU outputs. As well as recovering pristine audio the RBRX1 also decodes any transmitted RDS data.

For rebroadcast applications the RBRX1 provides digitally reconstructed MPX signals which are available via back panel BNC connections. The recovered MPX signals are post processed to ensure both amplitude and bandwidth levels are safe for rebroadcast. To help further with rebroadcast transmissions the RBRX1 can mute the audio should an RDS PI code not match that set on the unit, helping to prevent hijacking of the transmission. For ultimate flexibility the RBRX1 can function as an RDS encoder, allowing RDS data to be changed or inserted in the multiplex output.

The RBRX1 front panel control system is state of the art, with two organic LED displays, touch sensitive buttons and a wheel for user input. If placed at a remote site and front panel control not possible the built in web-server allows monitoring and control from anywhere in the world using a web-browser.

The RBRX1 has a real time clock for time and day mode selection, back panel preset trigger ports and more - each feature designed to make the unit flexible and easy to integrate into any broadcast facility.

We know you love listening to radio; the RBRX1 loves radio like you do.

Have Fun.


Technical Details

Specifications apply for measurements from analog left/right input to stereo composite output and to FM analog left/right output. Measurements apply to FM mode of operation.

RF Performance

Many receiver manufacturers quote static specifications based on ideal conditions. With the RBRX1, the inner ’black box’ workings of the NXP DSP demodulator are proprietary. With its patented Sony noise reduction and BW Broadcast’s audio processing technologies, the RBRX1 is continuously adjusting the radio and audio behaviour for optimum performance under given conditions. For these reasons, specifications are meaningless and have been omitted here. Audio performance and selectivity are market leading. We advise customers to conduct their own evaluations - a demonstration of this renowned award winning rebroadcast is recommended.

Frequency Response (Bypass Mode)

Follows standard 50ms or 75ms pre-emphasis curve 0.10dB, 20Hz - 15kHz. Analog left/right output and digital output can be user configured for flat or pre-emphasised output.


Output noise floor will depend upon on the processor settings but is governed by the dynamic range of the A/D Converter. The dynamic range of the digital signal processing is 144dB.

Processing Sample Rate

48kHz - 768kHz depending on processing stage.

Processing Resolution

Internal processing has 24bit (fixed point) or higher resolution.