Burst Electronics GPI-10 GPI to RS-232 Converter

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  • Brand: Burst Electronics
  • Model Number: GPI-10
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Burst Electronics GPI-10 GPI to RS-232 Converter. This product converts a momentary contact closure (factory default) or momentary contact open (user selectable internal jumper) to a RS232 stream of data. The GPI-10 was originally designed to command the Burst Electronics MCG-2 (or MCG-3) Micro Character Generator to ove rlay, on to video, each of its 10 pages stored in memory. Another option is to have the GPI-10 factory programmed with RS232 data that you provide (contact Burst Electronics for details and pricing). The GPI-10 has 11 screw terminal connectors on the back.

One of these connectors, called COM (meaning common), is used with each of the other connectors through a contact closure such as a momentary push button switch to create the trigger. Activation of the push button switch is all that is required to transmit the preprogrammed data. The trigger only needs to be active for 5mS (0.005 seconds).

If a trigger is active while a second trigger is activated, no data will be transmitted. You must release the first trigger before activating the next trigger. There is also a model with a keypad on the top of the unit (GPI-10K). Each of the numbered pushbuttons (0-9), when pressed, will stream RS232 data in the same manner as stated above. The zero (0) key is used as number 10. The pound (#) key and the asterix (*) key are not used.

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