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Brand: BSB Model: BS Broadcast Female XLR
BS Broadcast Female XLR 16 Connector Panel..
Brand: BSB Model: SDI-HDMI
The BSA SDI to HDMI Converter is a specialized device used for video signal conversion. Its primary function is to take incoming 3G HD SDI (3G-SDI) video signals and convert them into HDMI output. This conversion process ensures that the video signal can be seamlessly integrated into HDMI-based ..
Brand: BSB Model: dual Coupler
A DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite) Band Directional Dual Coupler, featuring both Forward (FWD) and Reverse (RVS) paths, is a device commonly used in satellite communication systems.Here's a breakdown of its functionality:Directional: This coupler allows the splitting of signals into two paths: th..
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