Bron Kobold EWB-400.575.800 AC Ballast for DW 400, DW 575, DW 800

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  • Brand: Bron Kobold
  • Model Number: EWB-400.575
  • Product Code: BS18584
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kobold, the world’s leading manufacturer of weather- proof (IP 54), multifunctional daylight systems, is round- ing out its product line, which now includes the DW 200, DW 400, and DW 800 fixtures. Compatible ballast units include the EWB 200, and the EWB 400.575.800. The BB 200 ballast is suitable for on-location work. The fixtures can accommodate interchangeable reflectors and many light modifying accessories according to the respective requirements.

Depending on the mounted reflectors or adapters, the DW fixtures are fully-fledged Open Face, PAR, or soft Lights, including Litepipe. These conversions are easily made without tools. The innovative bayonet interface also makes it possible to convert the widely spread ETC© Source FourTM into a daylight profile spot. IP 54 weather-resistance complements its unique features, making the DW line the ultimate daylight solution for a variety of applications.

The key features of the kobold range of products include rugged design and maximized reliability even under extreme weather conditions. The kobold daylight system complies with the most stringent safety standards. Electronically monitored safety switches, safety glass or protective cap, hermetically sealed igniter, heat-re- sistant ceramic UV-safety glass, electronic temperature management, visual verification of power supply and protective earth with LED display and reinforced electri- cal insulation.

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