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broadcast technology

broadcast technology
Brand: broadcast technology Model: ID111006
The ID111006 is a signal distribution amplifier for ASI or SDI signals.  We build ASI distribution amplifier units with 2 to 16 outputs.  The units accepts ASI and SDI signals at any bitrate.  A key feature of our H-ASI-AMP is that the outputs are reclocked,  this resol..
Brand: broadcast technology Model: DTVM-2000
The DTVM 2000(T) Digital Terrestrial Television Transmitter Monitor range has been designed for DVB signal quality measurement applications. Mainly designed for measuring the performance of transmitters it works in accordance with ETS 300 744 and provides both 2K and 8K carrier mode options, support..
Brand: broadcast technology Model: showmen 1000
The Showman 1000 Off Air Receiver from dB Broadcast is a multi-standard analogue TV demodulator for professional broadcast applications and is capable of receiving RF signals from most terrestrial or cable analogue broadcast TV standards.The Showman 1000 series  is the latest in a line of w..
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