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The DTVM 2000(T) Digital Terrestrial Television Transmitter Monitor range has been designed for DVB signal quality measurement applications. Mainly designed for measuring the performance of transmitters it works in accordance with ETS 300 744 and provides both 2K and 8K carrier mode options, supports all DVB modulation options, guard intervals, and FEC rates.

Different versions allow solutions for VHF, UHF, and for 6/7/8MHz bandwidths The receiver accepts a standard RF or baseband input and demodulates the COFDM signal to give both SPI and ASI MPEG transport streams. BNC’s on the rear of the unit allow the constellation and channel state diagrams to be displayed on a standard oscilloscope.

A range of status and alarm outputs are also available. A built-in Digital Signal Processor allows the baseband modulating signals (I, Q) to be monitored and measured in real-time in accordance with ETR 290, and this includes the key measurement of MER. The DTVM 2000(T) can be fully controlled from the front panel, or via the RS232 port, whereby all the results can be fully monitored.

Technical Details


The ASI output is available via an SC connector.


Two ASI outputs allow two transport streams to be processed. The ASI is selectable for 188 or 204 bytes.


One 25-way D-type allows the transport stream to be output in parallel format.


Two 25-way D-types allow hierarchical transport streams to be output in ECL parallel format.


Under normal operation, the baseband output is fed to the input via a ‘U’ link. By removing the link, an external baseband input can be fed to the receiver.


Standard RF input at 75 Ohms. 

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