Bridge Technologies EC Enhanced Chassis 1RU with 2 VB220 IP NETWORK PROBE

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The Bridge Technologies EC Enhanced Chassis 1RU with 2 VB220 IP NETWORK PROBE is the perfect choice in any network where digital video is carried across an IP based infrastructure. Built specifically to high-end industry needs, this network service tool is ideal for both pure IP networks and hybrid networks with IP transport cores such as in digital cable and terrestrial networks. The VB220 probe hardware is custom-designed and built to telco-grade standards for maximum reliability and minimum maintenance.

Each VB220 blade consumes less than 12W of power. This substantially reduces power consumption and air conditioning needs in installations. The VB220 can be paired with a full set of interface blades to cover signal formats such as DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C/C2, QAM-B, 8VSB and ASI. It is possible to monitor OTT/ABR streams at master play-out or at the CDN origin server in all common streaming formats using the OTT option. Streaming formats supported currently include Microsoft Smoothstream™, Apple HLS™, Adobe HDS™, MPEG-DASH and basic RTMP.


Technical Details
  • Monitor current/min/max TS payload not counting NULL TS packets
  • Count number of IP packets
  •  Source/destination IP address
  •  Type-of-Service field (TOS/DSCP)
  •  Time-to-Live field (TTL)
  • VLAN ID, if appropriate
  • Max/min/average IP packet Inter-Arrival time (IAT) for jitter analysis
  • TS Continuity Counter errors
  •  TS Sync errors
  • Media Loss Rate – number of TS packets lost
  • Delay Factor – time between IP frames
  •  Source/destination MAC address
  • RTP dropped packets, duplicate packets, out-of-order packets
  • RTP max/min hole size, hole separation
  • Forward Error Correction analysis according to SMPTE 2022 / COP3

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