BLACKMAGIC TERANEX VC100 dual-channel video processor HD

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The BlackMagic Teranex VC100 brings legendary Teranex image quality to the Broadcasting world. The VC100 is packed with proprietary Teranex technology, like PixelMotion Deinterlacing and Multi-Directional Diagonal Filtering (MDDFTM) algorithms, drastically reducing jaggies on diagonal lines. Teranex’s Per-Pixel Temporal Recursive Noise Reduction algorithm minimizes HD and SD video noise. Correct cadence is assured through Teranex’s Per-Pixel Video/Film detection. Teranex HQV Technology yields unsurpassed image quality for the demanding Broadcaster.   

The Dual REALTA™ architecture includes the industry’s first fully software programmable video array processor capable of performing over 1 trillion operations per second per chip. In addition, it performs end-to-end true 10-bit image processing. The powerful Teranex Video Processor (TVP) core, built into the Realta ensures flexibility and future-proofing by enabling subsequent software improvements without making hardware obsolete. The Dual-Realta Module supports an I/O data path that is 32-bit and is assignable as 30-bit YCrCb or RGB.   

This flexible frame synchronizer is able to handle just about any signal at its inputs and outputs in either HD or SD formats. The VC100 uses two Silicon Optix Realta image processing engines, reducing overall size while maximizing image processing capability. The result?  The best possible picture from the most flexible, powerful, and user-friendly frame synchronizer available today, all in a space-saving 1RU design.

BLACKMAGIC TERANEX VC100 dual-channel video processor HD

Technical Details
  • Legendary Teranex Processing within a 1RU Frame
  • Two Fully Independent Processing Channels 
  • Dual Realta Engines Provide Power & Flexibility
  • Software Field Updatability and Upgradeability
  • Single Channel Unit Upgrades to Dual Channels
  • Flexible Video and Audio I/O
  • Flexview Aspect Ratio
  • Full SD 608 and HD 708 Closed Captioning Capability 
  • Easy Setup with Intuitive User Interface 
  • Front Panel LCD Serves as Video I/O Monitor & Menu Display 
  • Integrated Video & Tone Test Signal Generator 
  • Gain & Phase Control of all 16 Audio Channels 
  • Redundant Power Supplies  

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