Bias Tee multiplexer

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The Orbital Research “Mux-Tee” (MT-25/40) is a premium bias tee multiplexer that does much more than insert DC current: it multiplexes a 10 MHz reference signal onto the L-band signal. And because it is a passive device that requires no power, it can work in reverse and extract a DC signal and/or demultiplex a 10 MHz reference from your modem.

The Mux-Tee is 6 devices in 1:

  1. Bias tee
  2. 10 MHz multiplexer
  3. Both a bias tee and 10 MHz mux
  4. DC extractor
  5. 10 MHz demultiplexer
  6. Both a DC extractor and 10 MHz demux

The Mux-Tee filters the incoming IF signal and provides an effective block to any unwanted DC or 10 MHz that may be coming from the modem – delivering exceptional return loss and very low thru loss. In addition, the external DC and 10 MHz inserted signals are filtered to avoid any interference with the wanted IF signal.

Technical Details

•   High pass filtered L band: roll-off below 900MHz, flat 950 thru 2100MHz Assures DC block to Rx port and 10 MHz port

•   Filtered 10MHz

•   DC: 2.5A (12 to 24V) standard; 4.0A (12 to 48V) high power; 6.0A (12 to 24V) high current

•   Any combination of 50Ω and 75Ω in/out Impedance transforms, (eg. 75Ω J-1 to 50Ω J-2)

•    Very high Rx port to 10MHz port isolation, no leakage back to rx

•    Will not degrade phase noise performance

•    Exceptionally low insertion loss


 •   Will operate with LNBs, BDCs, VSATs, BUCs, and Modems

•   Will operate in S-Band with 0.7 dB insertion loss (max) and in C-Band (3.4 to 4.2 GHz) with 1.0 dB insertion loss (max)

 •    Connectors O ring sealed for weather resistant operation

•    Will not cause loss of lock

•    Will not impair bit error rate


•    Machined from solid aluminum block for strength, stability and endurance

•    Anodized blue finish for corrosion and scratch protection, and excellent RF shielding/grounding

•    Labels are laser etched for durability

•    RoHS & REACH compliant

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