BEL Digital BM-A2-4SHD Audio Monitor

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The BM-A2-E8SHD is a 2U high-quality audio monitor, capable of monitoring discrete 3G, HD and SD multichannel audio, and decoding Dolby® E/Dolby® Digital sources. This class-leading product, designed with close cooperation from Dolby Laboratories, builds on Bel’s reputation for providing very high quality and reliable broadcast solutions, whilst also maintaining our user-friendly and stylish interfaces that are well respected throughout the industry.

The BM-A2-E8SHD accepts 2 x SDI and 2 x AES sources and automatically detects between 3G, HD or SD video, displaying the current video format on the LCD display. 8 demuxed audio channels can be selected directly from front panel rotary controls; making operation extremely simple. Each SDI input is provided with loop-through output. An integral audio mix system enables any audio channel to be mixed on either, or both speakers, whilst maintaining a constant output level.

A Dolby decoder is included in the BM-A2-E8SHD as standard. When enabled it can decode Dolby® E or Dolby® Digital material from either the AES inputs or from embedded audio data within the SDI bitstream. Eight Dolby mix-down algorithms are available directly from a front panel rotary control. Comprehensive metadata reporting is also provided via the LCD display.

Eight high-resolution tricolor bar graphs are provided with user-assignable ballistics and color breakpoints.

Technical Details

Audio Inputs


Digital AES


1 x 110  Ohm differential (XLR connector) and 1 x 75  Ohm (BNC


Sample Rate








2 x 3G/HD/SD SMPTE 424M, 259M, 296M, 274M, 292M




Bar Graphs


53 element tricolour with adjustable colour break points

Analogue Monitor Outputs

Max output level



Noise + THD




Frequency response



All analogue outputs


20Hz to 20kHz ±1dB

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