BEL digital audio BMA2-4SHD HD/3G AUDIO MONITOR analogue/AES/SDI/HD/3G inputs

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The BEL digital audio BMA2-4SHD is a professional audio monitor/ alarm system housed in a 2U rack. The unit features two speakers and an analogue line output. Audio input signals can be in the form of analog, AES (SPDIF) and SDI embedded data.

The BMA2-4SHD accepts audio inputs in groups of 4 channels from the selected source and can direct any two from these to the speakers. De-embedded audio can be selected from either an SD input or an HD input. Alarms can be set to monitor audio-over-level, audio-loss and sustained anti-phase.

BEL digital audio BMA2-4SHD HD/3G AUDIO MONITOR analogue/AES/SDI/HD/3G

Technical Details
  • 1 x SD and 1 x HD 3g video inputs
  • Auto PAL/NTSC detection
  • Handles SDI embedded (groups 1 – 4), 2 x AES or 2 x analog audio input pairs
  • Option for balanced XLR or unbalanced BNC digital audio I/O
  • High-quality, high SPL audio reproduction with soft limiting
  • 4 x tri-color bargraphs with six standard scales and ballistics, adjustable color transition points and peak-hold facility
  • Alarms for audio loss, over-level and sustained anti-phase
  • Line level analog audio output of sources directed to loudspeakers
  • Headphone connector with speaker mute
  • Individually user-calibrated audio level inputs/outputs and metering
  • Windows GUI and separate RS232 protocol for remote control of all alarm functions and audio/video switching
  • TTL port for alarms reset and remote alarms indication

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