Bel Digital 7150 Analogue/AES Audio Delay Synchroniser

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  • Brand: BEL Audio
  • Model Number: 7150
  • Product Code: BS18982
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Bel Digital 7150 Analogue/AES Audio Delay Synchroniser

Technical Details


Delay      0-10.4 seconds

Delay increments 1 sample, 1 millisecond, 1 field, 1 frame

Video system        PAL or NTSC

Digital input/outputs

Inputs     1 pair stereo AES/EBU digital(110Ω)

sampling frequency             32-50kHz, nominally 48kHz

Outputs  1 pair stereo AES/EBU digital (48kHz) (110Ω)

Word length max 24 bit

Reference input   48kHz AES

Analog input/output

Frequency response           20Hz - 20kHz ± 1dB

Input dynamic range  120dB

Signal to noise ratio             -100dB r.m.s. 20 -20kHz

Distortion less than              0.015% at 1kHz

Inputs     Electronically balanced 25kΩ

Outputs  Electronically balanced 50Ω

Conversion accuracy 24 bit Delta Sigma 128 x oversampled

D/A         24 bit 128 x oversampled

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