Bel Digital 7150 Analogue/AES Audio Delay Synchroniser

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Bel Digital 7150 Analogue/AES Audio Delay Synchroniser

The BEL 7150 is a stereo analog and AES audio delay system. The unit was designed to resynchronize audio to video following processes such as standards conversion, video F/X, video synchronization, satellite transmission, synchronizing digital radio networks, etc.

The BEL 7150 provides 0-10.4 Sec. of stereo audio delay (0-256 frames PAL / 0-312 frames NTSC). Frequently used delay parameters can be stored in eight memories. Inadvertent operation of the keys can be avoided by invoking the key ‘lock’ function. An LCD display is used to show delay, increment value, program number, bypass, lock, and input level. The delay may be adjusted in steps of 1 sample, 1millisec, fields, or frames. The field and frame step values change to reflect the PAL or NSTC selection. The bypass can be selected by means of the front panel. An electromechanical bypass will automatically engage in the event of a power failure. Four GPI inputs associated with program memories are provided. 

Technical Details


Delay                          0-10.4 seconds

Delay increments   1 sample, 1 millisecond, 1 field, 1 frame

Video system            PAL or NTSC

Digital input/outputs

Inputs     1 pair stereo AES/EBU digital(110Ω)

sampling frequency             32-50kHz, nominally 48kHz

Outputs                          1 pair stereo AES/EBU digital (48kHz) (110Ω)

Word length                  max 24 bit

Reference input           48kHz AES

Analog input/output

Frequency response           20Hz - 20kHz ± 1dB

Input dynamic range          120dB

Signal to noise ratio            -100dB r.m.s. 20 -20kHz

Distortion less than              0.015% at 1kHz

Inputs              Electronically balanced 25kΩ

Outputs          Electronically balanced 50Ω

Conversion accuracy 24 bit Delta Sigma 128 x oversampled

D/A                     24 bit 128 x oversampled

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