Bel Digital 2120 Analogue/AES/SDI audio Shuffler

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Bel Digital 2120 Analogue/AES/SDI audio Shuffler

The Bel Digital 2120 can process any combination of analog, AES or SDI audio signals and simultaneously output the result in any of these formats. The audio can be routed, mixed, inverted and level shifted. A headphone monitor jack is also provided on the front panel.

The unit can be controlled by front panel switches or remotely.


Technical Details

Input Switching and routing

The unit can operate in one of two main modes, Matrix or Mixer. In the Matrix mode available audio input can be selected, modified, and directed to any output. In the Mixer mode, any combination of inputs can be selected, mixed, and directed to any output. (See operational detail)


The inputs accepted by the Bel2120 are organized in pairs. Input pairs from analog, AES, or SDI (any group) can be accepted.

Input Levels

In either mode, the gain can be applied to the selected inputs before redirection or mixing. The gain can be adjusted over the range of +10 to -30 dB.

Phase Reversal

In either model, the selected inputs can be phase reversed before routing or mixing.


The BEL 2120 provides simultaneous analog, AES, and SDI (any group) outputs.

Monitor Outputs

A stereo headphone output is provided on the front panel to allow any pair of outputs to be monitored. The signals on the left and right monitor outputs can be selected via the setup system.


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