AXON SXS21 high performance SD standards converter with BPH03 + BPL00 back

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AXON SXS21 high performance SD standards converter with BPH03 + BPL00 back

The SXS21 high performance SD Standards Converter is based on the advanced Teranex® algorithms. This high performance dual slot processing module is the pinnacle of the huge range of SD and HD conversion modules in the Synapse range. SD standard conversion is a process of converting (mostly US-based) 59.94 frames/fields per second video stream is converted to 50 frames/fields per second and vice versa for 576i, 480i.

 The advanced algorithms are running on two HQV Realta chips supplied by Silicon Optix. This gives the board 2 Trillion operations per second processing power, and makes it the most powerful modular processing card at the time of its introduction.

  • SD -SDI input
  • 1 reclocked output
  • 2 processed outputs
  • 576i/50 to 480i/59.94 conversion
  • 480i/59.94 to 576/50 conversion
  • Frame sync with built-in 16 channel tracking audio delay
  • Audio offset delay -60ms to +1240ms
  • Full audio shuffing of all 16 channels (SXS21 only)
  • Audio gain and phase control of all 16 channels (SXS21 only)
  • gPI preset control for audio shuffing (SXS21 only)
  • All audio is present on ADD-ON bus for monitoring
  • Transparent to Closed Captioning
  • Full control and status monitoring through the front panel of the SFR04/SFR08/SFR18 frame and the Ethernet port (ACP)
  • Optional 1 fber input (replacing 1 SDI input) or 1 fber output (replacing 1 SDI output) on I/O panel
Technical Details
  • The SXS20/21 is the choice for all SD standards conversion applications where a modular implementation with redundant power supplies, SNMP and hot swap ability is required.
  • Highest quality SD standards-conversion
  • Ingest standards-converting with preset audio shuffing (SXS21 only)
  • Mobile truck applications
  • DVD mastering and authoring
  • Module: SXS20: High performance SD standards converter
  • SXS21: High performance SD standards converter with full 16 channels of audio swapping

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