Axon SFR18 4RU housing with 18 slots 2 PSU

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SFR18: 19"-4RU housing with 18 slots, including rack controller (ERC18) and 1 power supply unit 

The SFR18 are the generic module holder for the Synapse system. The SFR18 is most dense frame with 18 slots in 4 RU. These frames incorporate several unique functions that stand out from the conventional frames found in most other card based infrastructure products.  

Robust design 

Central genlock input(s) for all cards that require a reference  2 inputs for SFR18

Ethernet connection for remote control, setup and maintenance

Easy, hot swappable fans in the SFR08 and the SFR18 

Auto input range power supply (redundant for SFR08 and SFR18) 

Full control of all card and frame parameters through the intuitive interface on the inside of the front panel and via ACP (Axon Control Protocol) for remote monitoring and control software (like Cortex and Cerebrum)  

Internal Synapse ADD-ON daisy chain bus for audio, GPI and multiview applications  

Separate rack controller slot which doesn’t take up a card slot 

Top fan status for SFR18  

These frames, together with the rack controllers and power supplies, form the base of the Synapse system. All frames contain the unique ADD-ON daisy chain bus. It enables you to embed audio and even video from one card to the other from within the frame (instead of external physical wires). The bus is a central (passive) interface between the power supply, the front panel control and the cards. Beside the ADD-ON bus there is also an internal bus which distribute reference, power and control/monitoring data to al cards.   

To visualize this, the following graphic is made which displays the functionality of the internal Synapse.

Technical Details

SFR18: 19"-4RU housing with 18 slots, including rack controller (ERC18) and 1 power supply unit 

height SFR18: 176 mm (6.93”) (4RU) 

Width SFR18: 483 mm (19”)

Depth (including front lid) SFR18: 516 mm (20.31”) 


SFR18 Input: Wide input range: 86-264VAC at 47-63Hz Inrush current: <= 15A Hold up time: 20ms Output: Max. output power: 500W Output voltage: +30V (SELV) Tolerance (max): 5% (1.5V) Ripple/Noise: 0.6V (20MHz) Load Range: 0 .. 500W Fuse: 250V / 10 AT – 1x for each PSU Max. power per slot 26W 


SFR18 15.5 kg (24.2 lbs) 

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