AXON HEB800 HD, SD basic 8 channel digital audio embedder 3Gb/s upgradeable with BPH17 back

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  • Brand: Axon
  • Model Number: HEB800
  • Product Code: BS19302
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The G-HEB880-840-800-440-400 is a 3GB/s,HD SDI and SD SDI audio embedder. It is capable of inserting or appending up free-running AES/EBU digital audio channels or analog audio channels. The card has 2 option input boards: 4 mono analog audio inputs (4ch total) per board, or 4 stereo AES/EBU inputs (8ch total) per board.

In addition, four ADD-ON cards can be connected to create a routing matrix. The architecture of Emb_A to Emb_D blocks is identical. The local AES inputs can be controlled to adjust Phase, Gain and delay (on the fly).

Future upgrades are possible, like for instance the HEB400 can be future upgraded to HEB880, GEB800 or GEB840, etc. This allows for staged implementation of HD infrastructures and spread the cost over multiple budget years.

Technical Details
  • Up to 8 analog audio inputs (available with balanced or unbalanced connectors)
  • 8 extra AES/EBU inputs through the Synapse bus
  • 2 SDI + embedded audio outputs
  • 8 presets that configure all 16 input channels at once. controlled by GPI or ACP (Cortex)  Audio level and phase control
  • Audio offset delay up to 1300 ms
  • AES/EBU inputs accept synchronous streams like Dolby E and asynchronous up to 96kHz sampling via the built in Sample Rate Converters.

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