AXON HEB20 Dual HD SD preset based audio embedder with HEB20 back

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AXON HEB20 Dual HD SD preset based audio embedder with HEB20 back

The HEB20 Dual HD SD preset based audio embedder is an HD SDI and SD SDI digital audio embedder. It is capable of inserting or appending 4 free-running AES/EBU digital audio channels (8 channels). The core of the HEB20 consists of four embedder-blocks Emb_A, Emb_B and Emb_C and Emb_D.

 Each block is capable of embedding 4 audio channels into one group, which gives a total of 16 audio channels into four groups. In addition, four ADD-ON cards can be connected to create a routing matrix. One ADD-ON card is needed to get 16 embedded channels (DIO48). The architecture of Emb_A to Emb_D blocks is identical. The local inputs have the opportunity to do additional Phase and Gain corrections (on the fly). The HEB20 has two HD-SDI processed outputs and 4 local AES/EBU inputs

Technical Details
  •  4 AES/EBU inputs with sample rate converter (available with 110 Ohm and 75 Ohm inputs)
  •  4 extra AES/EBU inputs through the Synapse bus
  •  1 x reclocked HD SDI output
  • 2 x HD SDI + embedded audio outputs
  •  8 presets that configure all 16 input channels at once. One controlled by closing of BNC 5
  •  Audio level and phase control (local inputs only)
  •  Audio offset delay (local inputs only) up to 2600 ms
  • 8 extra audio channels (2 groups) with ADD-ON card
  •  Peak detection 0, -6, -12 and -18dBFS
  •  Silence detection with threshold (-100 to -20dBFS) and time control (1 to 255 sec)
  •  Transparent for ATC time code RP188, RP196, RP215
  •  Full control and status monitoring through the front panel of the SFR04/SFR08/SFR18 frame and the Ethernet port (ACP)
  • Optional 1 fiber input (replacing 1 SDI input) or 1 fiber output (replacing 1 SDI output) on I/O panel

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