AXON DAC20 4 channel Analog audio output ADD-ON card with BPL04 back

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  • Brand: Axon
  • Model Number: DAC20
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The AXON DAC20 4 channel is an ADD-ON module with analog audio outputs. It has no stand alone function, but is entirely designed to function as an ADD-ON card to the Synapse master cards. The master card is positioned to the left of the DAC20 and is required to have a de-embedding function. Cards that have a de-embedding function are the SDB20, SDB10, SAV10, SFS12/22, HFS12, SAS30, SAS10 etc. These cards can be recognized by a yellow arrow pointing outward the block schematic.

The DAC20 is a generic analog audio ADD-ON card for dedicated Synapse master cards that have a de-embedding function.

Technical Details
  • 24-bit audio D/A conversion
  •  48k sampling locked to Master Card
  • Phoenix or sub-D output connectors
  • Adjustable audio gain (in 0.25dB steps) and phase (0-180 deg)
  • Analog reference levels adjustable for 12, 15, 18 and 24dBu (software)
  • Input channel swapping
  • Clip indication
  • Full control and status monitoring through the front panel of the SFR04/SFR08/SFR18 frame and the Ethernet port (ACP)

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